Monday, December 12, 2011


December 12 – Libro (Book)

What book did you read in 2011 that was most inspirational? Why?

I cannot live without books. ~Thomas Jefferson

In the beginning of the year it was The Gifts of Imperfections by Brene Brown. Writing about the hard stuff, shame, she was instrumental in teaching me to let go of my strangle hold on perfection. Her writing is backed by years of research, it's practical, it altering and it's applicable on a personal level as well as a professional level. It changed the way I craft and create (sewing a straight, perfect line is over rated) and it's changing the way I speak with patient's (staying away from shaming sentence structure when discussing compliance). Highly recommend.

In the waning of the year, it was The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Writing about the easy stuff, happiness, or supposed easy stuff, she was instrumental in reminding me that happiness is a habit. Again, very practical and applicable...hmmmm....seeing a pattern here....I happened to be reading it at a time where huge life changing decisions were about to be made and certainly our decision to move to Colorado and improve our quality of life was influenced by thinking about what makes me happy. As an individual and as a couple.

What turned your page in 2011?

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