Thursday, December 8, 2011


December 8 – Dharma (The Path)

Wandering can be good for the over-focused creative. How did you wander well this year?

We have to do our best and at the same time give up all hope of fruition. -Pema Chödrön

To wander is to discover and wandering well is being open to those discoveries. Wandering wants you to be open to taking a left when you though you’d be taking a right...and being OK with that. Wandering wants you to be open to new experiences as they present themselves. 
Have you ever really listened to the small still voice in side your head, the one channeling the Nike ad, that says “do it, just do it.” and then your voice of reason pipes up, with fear making it quaver all jello mold like, and says “I don’t know, it doesn’t make sense to do this, it’s too much money, time, effort (fill in the blank).”
But then something magical happens, you do listen and you set out on that path, the one that makes a  left instead of right. Lo and behold, you’re wandering....
2010 was my year of thinking, standing still and contemplating. 2011 was my year of wandering, sometimes so far off the path and so far away from what I thought I should be doing that I had to sit a spell, hyperventilate, and then get back to my journey. But I’ve kept wandering, right into teaching and facilitating change through yoga and creative written expression, teaching yoga, building a business and helping people engage their creative spirit. 
Where have your journeys taken you this year?